Webinar on “Preparing for Placement”

On September 29th, 2018 an interaction for third and final year students was organised with Mr. Aditya Malviya (Alumnus 2016) in the department of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering. He is presently working in Honeywell Aerospace division as a full stack IOS Python Developer, CI/CD – Automation and Build Engineer. The webinar was organised with an objective to make students aware of different trending technologies in the industries and the steps to prepare for core electronics and software placement.

The session started with Mr. Aditya Malviya taking the audience through the latest emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IOT, IIOT, Bi Data, Data Science, Digital Twin, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, Cyber Security, Data Privacy and Develops. He explained each technology and also listed different industries who are working on them. These are the companies students should target for placement.

He also explained what the companies are expecting from the students to recruit them like knowledge of C++, Python with good foundationin their basic subjects of their graduation. He also shared the experience of the 6 level interview he faced at Honeywell and what things made him stand out from the crowd. The session ended with students asking queries regarding the requirements for core electronics placement and software placement and cities to choose to get a specific line of career.

The webinar got a good response with around 40 students and 6 faculty members participating in the interaction. Prof. Binu Joy with the able guidance of Head of the department of E&TC Dr. Ashutosh Werulkar made this enriching interaction possible.

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