The students and faculty members of Computer Engineering Department, visited ANANDWAN on 29th November, 2018  to discover different ways to create a bridge between  ANANDWAN village and recent technology.

Anandwan was established by Baba Amte with hope of giving marginalized people a dignified life, which they had lost due to the ill treatment at the hands of society. Mr. Gautam Karajgi , the Trustee of Maharogi Sewa Samiti, wants to make ANANDWAN a “Smart village”. His emphasis on the use of technology has helped the village and villagers to improve the quality of life. Knowing this, the faculties and students want to offer every possible help for the  “ Smart Village-ANANDWAN ”  Mission. The teachers  discussed different possible ways to connect the technology with the villagers in order to improve their lives.

The department has come-up with a ‘Navigation based Project’ called “Smart Village-ANANDWAN” APP, and ‘Inventory management’ to help the visitors and tourists discover ANANDWAN VILLAGE. During the visit, the discussion on MOU for long terms association technical services and teaching services to underprivileged students as a social responsibility was also done. Next visit is scheduled on second week of December for collecting requirements. The visit was a success and a wonderful experience for all.