Screening of the Documentary Film ‘Euler’s Spoiler : A Living Legend’

Mathematics Faculty from the Department of Basic Sciences & Humanities organized screening of the film on the life of Prof. S. S. Shrikhande, a noted Mathematician / Statistician, directed & produced by Dr. A. S. Muktibodh, Retd. Asso. Prof. & Head, Department of Mathematics, Shri Mathuradas Mohota Science College, Nagpur. This was held at the 2nd Floor Auditorium, Academic Block B on 17th Jan, 2019, for First Year students under the aegis of ISTE Students’ Chapter in collaboration with Nagpur University Mathematics Teachers’ Association (NUMTA), Nagpur.

Dr. Surendra Gole, Principal, welcomed the Chief Guest Dr. Muktibodh, following which Prof. Sucheta Moharir briefed the audience on the program’s objective. Dr. Rishikumar Agrawal, Asso. Prof. & Head, Department of Mathematics, Hislop College, Nagpur & Secretary of NUMTA highlighted the activities undertaken by them.

Dr. Muktibodh projected the importance of Mathematics in Engineering and connected various real life applications of Mathematics in day to day life. He shared examples of discoveries and inventions of renowned mathematicians, including recent advances as well. Later, he threw light on contributions of Prof. Shrikhande and his results that contradicted the 177 year old conjecture made by Euler.

A short film on Prof. Shrikhande’s personal and professional life showcasing his major contributions in mathematics etc., was shown thereafter. The sole idea of showcasing this great man’s life was to introduce students to the work of a mathematician directed by a subject lover.

Dr. Mrs. Kirti Sahu, First Year Incharge proposed the vote of thanks while Prof. Prachi Pande, Dept. ISTE Coordinator and Prof. Indrajeet Varhadpande, Faculty Convener along with other staff members worked behind the scene to make this program a success. The program concluded with singing of the National Anthem.

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