Robotics Guidance Seminar

A guidance seminar on Robotics was lead by Mr. Anil Tatode, Training Officer, Oebroi Centre of Exellence, RTMNU. This was initiated by the E&TC Dept., on 19th March 2018.

Mr. Tatode spoke at length about Robotics: as a key to the Future and new programs launched by RTMNU in ROBOTICS field. This robotics centre offers a 1 year diploma course in fields like material handling, spot welding and painting robots. Students acquire in-depth knowledge of designing, engineering and commissioning equipment that are used in automated manufacturing, assembly and handling applications. It also provides training in the areas of flexible automation, covering its varied aspects such as system design, electro mechanics, sensors, instrumentation, artificial intelligence, robotic vision and project engineering. He further highlighted, the study of industrial robots and associated systems enables students to assume key roles in a number of industries like robotics, aerospace, transportation, defence, automotive, building systems and manufacturing industries.

The centre is associated with ABB company that provides hands-on-experience on various processes in industrial robots, highlighting the types of robots manufactured by ABB. These robots can work in extreme situations and critical applications. He also showed a video on training robots.

Mr. Tatode stated that utilization of robots in the industry helps improve production, provides better effeciency and quality of products. Technologies like cloud and mobile applications were also spoken about. At the end he stated though laborious tasks and various jobs done by human beings are done by robots, at the same time new jobs are also created for people. With the invent of automation everywhere, we humans have a new role to play.

Robotics Seminar