Renewable Energy Club (REC)




India is blessed with abundance of Renewable Energy Resources like Solar energy, Wind energy, Ocean energy etc. In order to create awareness about New & Renewable Sources of Energy, it’s various systems and devices among the Engineering College Students. Renewable Energy Club was started for propagating and promoting the use of Renewable Energy Sources.

Renewable Energy Club Inauguration

Renewable Energy Club (REC) was formed on 20 August 2010 under the able guidance of Prof. Ashutosh S. Werulkar (ETC Department), Prof. Sushant Satputaley(Mechanical Dept.) and Prof. Sumant Sarmokadam (Electrical Dept.) with 07 Staff members and 120 Student members of various disciplines. The club was inaugurated by Dr. P.S.Kulkarni, (Associate Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, VNIT, Nagpur) and Fr. George (Manager St. Vincent Pallotti College of Engineering & Technology, Nagpur).


Vision of the Renewable Energy Club:
To create awareness about Renewable Energy Sources among students and staff and inculcate the habit of energy conservation among all.



            • To provide sound knowledge in Renewable Energy systems.
            • To train students to comprehend, analyze, design, and create innovative renewable energy products.
            • To create professionals with teamwork skills and multidisciplinary approach.
            • To provide an environment to enhance life long learning abilities. There new able energy professional career.


            1. Identify issues facing the renewable energy industry.
            1.  Identify the various components of a renewable energy sources, their functions and types.
            1. Describe main features and operation of solar  systems.
            1. Evaluate benefits of a renewable energy projects.

Coordinator:-   Prof. Gaurav S. Gadge (EE Department)

Team Information:

Sr. No. Name of Faculty Member Department
1 Dr. Ashutosh Werulkar ETC Department
2 Dr. Minhaj Ahemad ME Department
3 Dr. Pravin Nerkar ME Department
4 Dr. (Mrs.) Suchita Nimbalkar First year
5 Prof. Sumant A. Sarmokadam EE Department