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R you Industry Ready-Interview Techniques

Bridging the gap between the Industry and Institution, Mr. Virag Deshpande, Sr. Manager, Mahindra & Mahindra, Nagpur, was invited by the ETC Department to facilitate a session on ‘R you Industry Ready-Interview Techniques’ for the 3rd year students on 7th October, 2017. The objective being- making students aware of being industry ready and thus preparing in the needed direction.

Mr. Virag Deshpande took the lead through his motivational speech on the importance of having a vision, aligning one’s goals and striving to achieve it with great determination. Next, he focused on  pre-requisites of a good interview, interview techniquesandsmartwaysofhandlingoneselfduringtheprocess.

The overall feedback of students was remarkably good. The workshop was organized by Swati Mirlekar, receiving full support and guidance from Prof. M. N. Kapse, HOD, ETC Dept.

virag deshpande