Project Guidance Session at E&TC

On 16th & 17th March 2018, all final year projects were evaluated by Mr. Sandeep Darvhekar, Director, Beta Computronix Pvt. Ltd. Nagpur & Dr. S. S. Limaye. Based on this evaluation a special project guidance session was organized by the Dept. of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering on the 19th, lead by Mr. Sandeep Darvhekar.

During the session Mr. Darvhekar highlighted the following points:

  • project implementation should be according to real life usage and application based
  • all projects need to be monitored / evaluated weekly
  • have regular brain storming sessions
  • even after students are done with their exams, projects should continue
  • more hard work is needed in the project group

Dr. S. S. Limaye highlighted the following points:

  • create specifications of the components & learn how to design the circuit
  • testing of project components