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A PowerPoint presentation on the contributions of Nobel Laureates for the year 2018 in various fields, was held under the aegis of Science Club on 12th Nov, 2018 for First Year students of the Basic Sciences & Humanities Dept.

This was lead by students of different sections of the First Year. They gave a descriptive presentation of Nobel prize winners i.e. their background, individual work and its utility to mankind in the field of Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Peace, Economics and also on Field Medal in Mathematics.

Neha Kankhare (Sec A) spoke on Field Medal in Mathematics, for Physics it was presented by Jaison Jose and Thomas David Tency (Sec D), Ashutosh Chandrawanshi (Sec A) highlighted the work of Chemistry Nobel prize winners, for the field of Medicine it was lead jointly by  Manan Sharma (Sec H) and Chirag Jain (Sec B), for Economics it was explained by Swapnil Patodia (Sec E), whereas P. R. Abhishek and Solomon Dandekar, both from section C, presented the work of Nobel Peace prize winners.

The program was attended by students of the First Year, faculty and staff in large numbers. Wruttik Ponde (Sec F) and Aayushi Jaiswal (Sec E) were the anchors. The program was held under the guidance of Vice Principal Prof. R. B. Gowardhan and was well appreciated by one and all.

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