Participation of E&TC students at Innovative Project Competition

An Innovative Project Competition was organized by Raman Science Centre, Nagpur from 15th Feb 2018 to 17thFeb2018.

Six students of the 8thSemfromtheDept.,namely:

  1. Sayali Dukre
  2. Pratiksha Landge
  3. Priyanka Shebre
  4. Mrunal Hajare
  5. Kajal Dekate
  6. Himanshu Palsapure

under the guidance of Prof. Deepali Borakhade and Prof. Shiju Samuel, participated at this competition. An Industry Project, the title being ‘Length Measurement of Iron Steel Sheet on Continuous Pickling Line’, students got an opportunity to demonstrate and display their project. It was a great learning experience for students, helping them grow in confidence.