The Department of Mechanical Engineering organized their maiden event ‘MECHMERISE’-2K17, an intercollegiate Technical fiesta on 25th & 26th September, 2017. Eight technical events were conducted by 5 collegiate clubs viz. SAE (Society of Automotive Engineering), NSS (National Service Scheme), REC (Renewable Energy Club) ISHRAE (Indian Society of Heating Refrigeration And Air-Conditioning Engineering) and ISTE (Indian Society for Technical Education).

The event began with the inaugural function, dignitaries lighted the traditional lamp, Chief Guest Mr. Manish Sanghavi was welcomed with a floral sapling, followed by his address to the gathering and opening of ‘Mechmerise’- 2k17.

The events held are as follows:
1) ENGENIUM: IC engine workshop- hands on assembly & dis-assembly of 2-stroke & 4-stroke IC engine. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Vijay Bhramri under the coordination of Shivsagar Dhamne and his team.
2) CADORACLE: Designing of parts on CAD (Computer Aided Design) software, coordinated by Sandeep Mandal and his team.
3) KONZEPT: A paper presentation on innovative ideas and concepts for future development that participants could think of. Prafull Kuhite and his team co-ordinated this event.
4) CATASTRIKE: Here, fabrication and practical performance of a catapult, its accuracy and range was tested. Coordination was done by Parikshit Rajurkar and his team.
5) CRYOGEN: Mr. Vijay Bhramri facilitated this workshop on concept, working, assembly & dis-assembly of Refrigeration and Air-conditioners. It was coordinated by Rahul Kumbhare and his team.
6) REJUVENATE: This oral presentation on concept of Renewable Energy and GREEN Manufacturing was coordinated by Aniket Khapekar.
7) IDEAXA: Rushabh Shingnapure and his team coordinated this poster making competition on the theme ‘The Great Engineering Scientist’.
8) GIZMO: This was an oral presentation event on the working of mechanisms used in day to day life, coordinated by Vaishnavi Ganar and her team.

There were more than 400 students who participated in the 8 technical events out of which more than 100 students were from other colleges in Vidarbha. Sahil Dhabale and Shubham Gode, 7th semester Mechanical Engineering, coordinated the entire event.