IOT Workshop

The Department of Computer Engineering organized a two day workshop on ‘Internet of Things for Computer Applications’ in association with Computer Society of India (CSI) on 8th & 9th March 2019, for the computer engineering students. 36 participants from the second year and 4 from the third year were a part of this workshop. The objective of this workshop was to enhance students’ skills in IOT & its application.

The workshop began with introduction of IOT and installation of Arduino softwares under the guidance of Prof. A.D. Pathak and IoT Club Team members.

On day two, the expert Mr. Prasad Raspaile, Tech Lead (IoT & Robotics), Oberoi Centre of Excellence, RTMNU Campus, Nagpur explained about Microcontroller Platform and its Programming along with Coding for I/O devices, Sensors & ADC. The expert further threw light on various types of cloud based services and it’s applications on Web Server & Client with AWS, AZURE and IBM technologies. Concepts like use of Blynk, controlling LED using Blynk and IFTTT integration was later performed by students.

Faculty coordinators of the workshop were Prof. A.D. Pathak and Prof. R.C. Roychaudhary.