Holistic Development Cell (HDC)


Holistic Development Cell aims for an overall development of a student.

Objective :

To create “whole” individuals who are well balanced in their outlook on life.

To provide platform for development of students’ intellectual, emotional, social, physical, artistic, creative and spiritual potentials.

Five major clubs which organizes various Events/Workshops for the students are :

Language Club :

Language club basically aims in developing the soft skills of the students. Various workshops are conducted by experts to make our wards more confident to face the real world problems.

Cultural & Music Club :

Cultural and music club aims in inculcating cultural talents in students. This club organizes various cultural events hence give platform to students to showcase their talent. Trained students can then participate in University Cultural Festivals.

Science & Technology Club :

Science and Technology club encourages students and also make them ready to participate in technical competition all over the country. Paper presentation in conference/journals is the major highlights of this club.

Readers’ Club :

Reading Club will be an engaging discussion on members own experiences of reading classics by the famous Authors. Members being part of this club will participate in interesting discussion on various novels and enjoy listening to other members’ thoughts and impressions.

Creative Arts Club :

The goal of the Creative Arts Club is to promote creative arts on campus through activities that bring students together. Our purpose is to give students who are not art majors a way to explore their creative side and participate in the various artistic community.