Gearing up for Industry…

The  I-CONNECT-connecting industries and institutes for superior tomorrow was a part of the departmental event INFOTSAV of IT whose  main objective was to give the insight of IT industry to students,where the industry experts Dr.S.V.Kameswar Rao,Mr.Manish Sanghvi,Mr.Mahesh Rakheja,Mr.Mangesh Mohatkar,Mr.Avinash Sardar  interacted with the participants and shared their knowledge about how they can gear up for the industry. DR.Rao shared with us his experience and working of ISRO.Then Mr Manish Sanghvi told us about highlights and challenges of R&D.

The importance of internship and work experience was given to us by Mr. Mahesh Rakheja.Then with his valuable inputs Mr Mohatkar and Mr Sardar gave us a pr-requisite of what the industry is ,and the guidelines required for successful career in IT.

After the beneficial inputs given by industry experts Q n A session was held. Here the students were curious to know more about the industrial working,various internship programs provided by them. The students also showed enthusiasm to know more about the latest technologies and products being used in their companies.

The session was very interactive and was beneficial for all.

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