First Years Display their ‘CREATIVITY’

Communication Skills can be considered as important to human beings as oxygen to the human body. A person with good communication skills sparkles out in a crowd. So too, it was at the Communication Skills Journal exhibition specially organized by the Communication Club of the Basic Sciences & Humanities Department.

This was held on 26th Jan, 2019, post the Republic Day Ceremony. Out of 491 Journals of the First Year students, the most creative and outstanding ones were set apart and displayed at the exhibition. Those who visited the exhibition, be it Management, students, non-teaching staff, faculty members all cast their votes for the best journal, which had been numbered.

The journal winning the most number of votes was that of Sanket Kolhe (Sec A), second was that of Anushka Thakre (Sec G), Tejasvi Tarone’s (Sec D) journal was 3rd best, Karthika Kurup (Sec G) & Shalaka Bhave’s (Sec B) journal was judged 4th best and that of Shruti Ujawane’s (Sec H) was 5th best. A special prize for the most creative journal was jointly won by Aditya Pakhale (Sec H) and Parool Nimje (Sec G).

A first of its kind, this is a delightful initiative taken up by members of the Communication Club comprising of a team of First Year students and their Communication Skills Faculty. The team thanks the First Year Incharge Dr. (Mrs.) Kirti Sahu and the Extra-Curricular Activities Co-ordinator Dr. (Mrs.) Suchita Nimbalkar for encouraging them to proceed with the same.

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