FDP on ‘Machine Intelligence– Approaches & Implementation’

A one week Faculty Development Programme (FDP) on ‘Machine Intelligence– Approaches & Implementation’ was conducted by the Centre of Excellence, Department of Information Technology in association with E&ICT Academy, PDPM IIITDM Jabalpur (An initiative of Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, Govt. of India) from 26th Nov, 2018 to 1st Dec, 2018.

50 in all participated in the FDP i.e. 22 from different engineering colleges, 22 internal faculty members and 6 from industries. Inauguration of the programme was done at the hands of Dr. Rizwan Ahmed, President of Technology, Delaplex Software, Nagpur, Guest of Honour; Mr. Rahul Bajaj, CEO, Maximess Pvt. Ltd. Nagpur and Mr. Parikshit Umare (Co-founder, YouBotics Pvt. Ltd., Nagpur) in the presence of Dr. Madhukar M. Waware, Deputy Director (E- Governance), AICTE, Delhi, Ms. Mittal Bhatt (Asst. Manager, HR, Maximess Pvt. Ltd, Nagpur), Mr. Aaswad Waghmare (Senior Consultant, Maximess Pvt. Ltd, Nagpur), Mr. Sanket Joshi (PhD in Data Science, University of West Verginia, USA), Mr. Saurabh Bidwai (Data Scientist, Shezartech Mumbai) and Mr. Aatul Palandurkar (Member of NetBeans Dream Team and Director, Klouds AnCyber Technologies Pvt. Ltd.).

Eminent personalities from IIT, IIIT & NIT’s, as well as from industries were invited for this programme. An Industrial visit to YouBotics Pvt. Ltd. & MaxiMess Pvt. Ltd., two Machine Learning (ML) based IT companies, Nagpur was organised on the last day of the FDP, giving participants an industrial exposure.  The Course provided in-depth coverage of emerging areas like Artificial Intelligence and Innovative Applications, Expert System Design, Natural Language Processing & Computational Linguistic, Neural Network & Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Clustering Classification Algorithms, Fuzzy Logic Applications and a hands on session using Python and R. Two live webinars conducted by Dr. Akshaya Rane and Mr. Ranjeet Jangham, Data Scientist, USA, to give international exposure of ML to participants.

Prof. Manoj Bramhe, HOD, IT Department, Coordinator of the FDP had given a detailed introduction of the programme schedule followed by importance of the FDP and its current need in the industry. The FDP concluded with the valedictory function lead by Dr. Atul Gupta, IIITDM Jabalpur.

Summing up, it was indeed a well planned FDP, organized for the first time in Central India, much appreciated by IIITDM Jabalpur and as well as the participants.

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