EE Students’ Industrial Visit to Hyderabad

The sixth semester Electrical Engineering students visited three industries, namely- Central Power Research Institute [CPRI], Parle Industry and Aishwaraya Polymers at Hyderabad on the 9th and 10th of February, 2018.

At CPRI students were shown high voltage testing facilities, impulse and environmental testing laboratory. The students were briefed about research facilities available, as well as the consultancy projects undertaken at CPRI.

The second visit was at Parle Industry, the various products manufactured were highlighted to students through a presentation and thereafter they were taken around to various sections of the industry. The automation and electrical drives used were explained in detail.

The final visit of the trip was to Aishwaraya Polymers, students were shown the manufacturing process where CNC machines are used.

Students who visited these three industries were glad to be a part of this industrial experience where the wide gap between academics and application was reduced to a great extent.

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