‘Super Mind, Super Future’

The Basic Sciences & Humanities Dept., organized an interactive session ‘Super Mind, Super Future’, for Second Semester students and faculty members on 23rd Feb, 2019.

Mr. B. K. Shaktiraj Singh, the guest speaker from Brahmakumaris, enthralled the audience with memory enhancing activities and meditation. He further emphasized the importance of retention by simple mind training, suggested goal setting techniques and encouraged students to fly high with determination. This program also helped students understand the importance of meditation in their daily lives.

The program was appreciated by students and faculty members.

Picture Composition Competition

A picture composition competition was organized by the Communication Club members (Faculty & Students), for the second semester students on 9th February, 2019. The students were shown a picture on the screen based on which they had to build up a story.

This event boosted the ability of students to translate their thoughts into words efficiently. The stories were judged based on their perception, clarity of thoughts and creativity.

The event’s winners are Mary Ann Anil (First) (Section C), Manan Sharma (Second) (Section H) and  Tejasvi Tarone (Third) (Section D).

This activity is a recent trend in the corporate sector recruitment process to evaluate the personality of candidates,

The Communication club is grateful to the Extracurricular Coordinator, Dr. S. Nimbalkar and First Year In charge, Dr. K. Sahu for encouraging them to coordinate this event.

Picture Composition 1


An Essay writing competition was held for the students of First Year, Second Semester on 2nd Feb. 2019 in the college premises. The competition was held under the aegis of Science Club and aimed at giving  students an opportunity to showcase their writing and imagination skills.

The participant students were given five topics, out of which each one of them had to write an essay on any one topic of their choice. Anushka Thakre from section G (IT) was declared first winner – her essay topic was ‘Use of Social Media in Education’. The second topper was Pratik Nimje, section F, his essay topic was the same. The other topics were ‘Success and Ethics’, ‘Swacch Bharat Abhiyan’, ‘Importance of Science in Education’ and ‘Make in India vs. Incredible India’.

Prof. Rajeshree Anwane, Co-ordinated the event.

Essay (2) Essay (3)

First Years Display their ‘CREATIVITY’

Communication Skills can be considered as important to human beings as oxygen to the human body. A person with good communication skills sparkles out in a crowd. So too, it was at the Communication Skills Journal exhibition specially organized by the Communication Club of the Basic Sciences & Humanities Department.

This was held on 26th Jan, 2019, post the Republic Day Ceremony. Out of 491 Journals of the First Year students, the most creative and outstanding ones were set apart and displayed at the exhibition. Those who visited the exhibition, be it Management, students, non-teaching staff, faculty members all cast their votes for the best journal, which had been numbered.

The journal winning the most number of votes was that of Sanket Kolhe (Sec A), second was that of Anushka Thakre (Sec G), Tejasvi Tarone’s (Sec D) journal was 3rd best, Karthika Kurup (Sec G) & Shalaka Bhave’s (Sec B) journal was judged 4th best and that of Shruti Ujawane’s (Sec H) was 5th best. A special prize for the most creative journal was jointly won by Aditya Pakhale (Sec H) and Parool Nimje (Sec G).

A first of its kind, this is a delightful initiative taken up by members of the Communication Club comprising of a team of First Year students and their Communication Skills Faculty. The team thanks the First Year Incharge Dr. (Mrs.) Kirti Sahu and the Extra-Curricular Activities Co-ordinator Dr. (Mrs.) Suchita Nimbalkar for encouraging them to proceed with the same.

cs (1) cs (3) cs (4) cs (5) cs (6) cs (7) cs (9) cs (11) cs (12)
cs (8) cs (10)

Communication Club organizes ‘Debate Competition’

A debate competition was held on 19th Jan, 2019, for students of the Second Semester. An initiative  taken by the Communication Club Team comprising of students and Communication Skills Faculty.

13 students actively participated in this competition, bringing out their debating skills. They were given a topic on the spot and evaluated on various parameters required for effective communication. Winners of the competition are Aman Awachat from Section A (1st position), Utkarsh B, Section A (2nd), Abhiyash Agarwal from Section E (3rd), Palash Kharate from Section A and Kalpesh Deshmukh, Section E on the fourth position. Congratulations to all of them!

Such competitions will surely enable them to grow holistically in their personality leading them to become efficient technocrats in a competitive world.

Debate Compt Debate Compt2

Screening of the Documentary Film ‘Euler’s Spoiler : A Living Legend’

Mathematics Faculty from the Department of Basic Sciences & Humanities organized screening of the film on the life of Prof. S. S. Shrikhande, a noted Mathematician / Statistician, directed & produced by Dr. A. S. Muktibodh, Retd. Asso. Prof. & Head, Department of Mathematics, Shri Mathuradas Mohota Science College, Nagpur. This was held at the 2nd Floor Auditorium, Academic Block B on 17th Jan, 2019, for First Year students under the aegis of ISTE Students’ Chapter in collaboration with Nagpur University Mathematics Teachers’ Association (NUMTA), Nagpur.

Dr. Surendra Gole, Principal, welcomed the Chief Guest Dr. Muktibodh, following which Prof. Sucheta Moharir briefed the audience on the program’s objective. Dr. Rishikumar Agrawal, Asso. Prof. & Head, Department of Mathematics, Hislop College, Nagpur & Secretary of NUMTA highlighted the activities undertaken by them.

Dr. Muktibodh projected the importance of Mathematics in Engineering and connected various real life applications of Mathematics in day to day life. He shared examples of discoveries and inventions of renowned mathematicians, including recent advances as well. Later, he threw light on contributions of Prof. Shrikhande and his results that contradicted the 177 year old conjecture made by Euler.

A short film on Prof. Shrikhande’s personal and professional life showcasing his major contributions in mathematics etc., was shown thereafter. The sole idea of showcasing this great man’s life was to introduce students to the work of a mathematician directed by a subject lover.

Dr. Mrs. Kirti Sahu, First Year Incharge proposed the vote of thanks while Prof. Prachi Pande, Dept. ISTE Coordinator and Prof. Indrajeet Varhadpande, Faculty Convener along with other staff members worked behind the scene to make this program a success. The program concluded with singing of the National Anthem.

Film (1) Film (2) Film (3) Film (4) Film (6) Film (7) Film (8) Film (9) Film (10) Film (11) Film (12)

On Spot Painting / Drawing Competition

The Cultural Club of Basic Sciences & Humanities, had organized an ‘On the Spot Painting/Drawing Competition´ on January 5th, 2019, for the First Year students of all branches. Themes for the competition were ´Heritage of India, Winter Season and Tryst with Technology´.

11 participants took part in this event. Judges for the event were Prof. Priya Parkhi from the Department of Computer Engineering and Prof. Namrata Gore from the Department itself. Riya Nagdeve from Sec-D was the winner and Saloni Umredkar from sec-G was the runner-up.

Coordinators of the event were Prof. Prachi Pande (Cultural Club Coordinator) and  Miss. Pranjali Meshram (Student Coordinator) of the Cultural Club.

On Spot 2 On Spot 3 On Spot 4 On Spot 5 On Spot 7 On Spot 8 On Spot 10 On Spot 11 On Spot 12
On Spot 6 On Spot 9


A PowerPoint presentation on the contributions of Nobel Laureates for the year 2018 in various fields, was held under the aegis of Science Club on 12th Nov, 2018 for First Year students of the Basic Sciences & Humanities Dept.

This was lead by students of different sections of the First Year. They gave a descriptive presentation of Nobel prize winners i.e. their background, individual work and its utility to mankind in the field of Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Peace, Economics and also on Field Medal in Mathematics.

Neha Kankhare (Sec A) spoke on Field Medal in Mathematics, for Physics it was presented by Jaison Jose and Thomas David Tency (Sec D), Ashutosh Chandrawanshi (Sec A) highlighted the work of Chemistry Nobel prize winners, for the field of Medicine it was lead jointly by  Manan Sharma (Sec H) and Chirag Jain (Sec B), for Economics it was explained by Swapnil Patodia (Sec E), whereas P. R. Abhishek and Solomon Dandekar, both from section C, presented the work of Nobel Peace prize winners.

The program was attended by students of the First Year, faculty and staff in large numbers. Wruttik Ponde (Sec F) and Aayushi Jaiswal (Sec E) were the anchors. The program was held under the guidance of Vice Principal Prof. R. B. Gowardhan and was well appreciated by one and all.

No Lau1 No Lau 6

No Lau 5 No Lau 4 No Lau 2


The Management, Faculty members and students Congratulates Ms. Sonal Dilip Borkar, student of B.E First Year Computer Engineering (Sec – C) on getting selected for KIRAN GIRLS SCHOLARSHIP  2018-19                      (By Persistent Foundation).

Commemorating ‘Rashtriya Ekta Diwas’

Rashtriya Ekta Diwas, the birthday of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, was celebrated on 31st Oct, 2018. Several events were held by various Ministries, Public Sector Undertakings and organisations across the country. People all over the country took a pledge to protect the unity and integrity of India and participate in the Run for Unity programme.

Similarly, in our college too a pledge program was organized by the Department of Basic Sciences & Humanities, with students and faculty members taking the pledge in remembrance of the contributions made by the ‘iron man’ for the nation.

Rashtriya Ekta Diwas (2) Rashtriya Ekta Diwas (3) Rashtriya Ekta Diwas (4)