IOT Workshop

The Department of Computer Engineering organized a two day workshop on ‘Internet of Things for Computer Applications’ in association with Computer Society of India (CSI) on 8th & 9th March 2019, for the computer engineering students. 36 participants from the second year and 4 from the third year were a part of this workshop. The objective of this workshop was to enhance students’ skills in IOT & its application.

The workshop began with introduction of IOT and installation of Arduino softwares under the guidance of Prof. A.D. Pathak and IoT Club Team members.

On day two, the expert Mr. Prasad Raspaile, Tech Lead (IoT & Robotics), Oberoi Centre of Excellence, RTMNU Campus, Nagpur explained about Microcontroller Platform and its Programming along with Coding for I/O devices, Sensors & ADC. The expert further threw light on various types of cloud based services and it’s applications on Web Server & Client with AWS, AZURE and IBM technologies. Concepts like use of Blynk, controlling LED using Blynk and IFTTT integration was later performed by students.

Faculty coordinators of the workshop were Prof. A.D. Pathak and Prof. R.C. Roychaudhary.

Alumini-Student Interaction

Mr. Madhav Somani, alumnus of the 2017 batch and currently pursuing MS was invited by the Computer Engineering Department on 10th January, 2019.

The third and final year CE students interacted with him where he shared his experience on Android Development, Ethical Hacking, projects undertaken by him during his college days and job opportunities abroad. He explained the how and why process of his choosing MS over a job post his engineering studies.

Mr. Somani helped clear students doubts regarding MS and choosing right career opportunities. Students were happy and highly motivated after the interaction.

Alumini-Student Interaction 1 Alumini-Student Interaction 2 Alumini-Student Interaction 3

Industrial Visit to ‘Regional Remote Sensing Centre

The Department of Computer Engineering organized a one day Industrial Visit under III- Cell for Third year students on 19th December 2018, to ‘Regional Remote Sensing Centre (RRSC)’, Amravati Road, Nagpur.

The visit started with an Introduction about Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) by Scientist, Dr. Ashish Kumar Sharma. He acquainted the students with the concept of remote sensing of image, extraction of data from satellite using GIS(Global Information System). Dr Sharma explained the various activities of the Centre such as Planning, Acquisition, Processing and Dissemination of satellite data from various Indian & foreign satellites, Carrying out Aerial Surveys & Large Scaling Mapping applications and extending a 24X7 service to support disaster monitoring and management.

He further emphasized the importance of learning through Internship to provide end-to-end solutions for utilization of data for various IT related services.  The students were also shown the glimpse of “MAR’s Mission of India” through a movie clip.

It was an enriching experience for students.  The Centre also  displayed  various images in the area of Remote Sensing and explained the scope of Computer Engineering in this field.

Accompanying the students were Prof. D.W. Wajgi, Prof. R.C. Roychaudhary (Dept. III-C Coordinator) and Prof. P.N. Parkhi.

Industry visit at RRSC, Nagpur on 19th Dec 2018 by CE dept


The students and faculty members of Computer Engineering Department, visited ANANDWAN on 29th November, 2018  to discover different ways to create a bridge between  ANANDWAN village and recent technology.

Anandwan was established by Baba Amte with hope of giving marginalized people a dignified life, which they had lost due to the ill treatment at the hands of society. Mr. Gautam Karajgi , the Trustee of Maharogi Sewa Samiti, wants to make ANANDWAN a “Smart village”. His emphasis on the use of technology has helped the village and villagers to improve the quality of life. Knowing this, the faculties and students want to offer every possible help for the  “ Smart Village-ANANDWAN ”  Mission. The teachers  discussed different possible ways to connect the technology with the villagers in order to improve their lives.

The department has come-up with a ‘Navigation based Project’ called “Smart Village-ANANDWAN” APP, and ‘Inventory management’ to help the visitors and tourists discover ANANDWAN VILLAGE. During the visit, the discussion on MOU for long terms association technical services and teaching services to underprivileged students as a social responsibility was also done. Next visit is scheduled on second week of December for collecting requirements. The visit was a success and a wonderful experience for all.




Infinity 2K18- Geeks Ignite in the limitless!

A uniquely enkindled event in Computer Engineering Department  ‘INFINITY 2K18′, was organized in association with Computer Society of India (CSI) forum, on 28th & 29th September, 2018. The Department fest received an amazing response from across the campus. It comprised of various events and workshops based on programming skills, decision making, teamwork, enhancing soft skills and promoting team harmony.

September 28, began with the Inaugural Ceremony hosted by Miss Nidhi Panchabhai (III Year student) and Miss Manisha Kaur (II Year student). The department extended a warm welcome to the guests Fr. Dr. Paul Chandrankunnel (Director, SVPCET) and Dr. Surendra Gole (Principal, SVPCET). They appreciated the involvement of students who stood up to accept responsibilities and also wished team infinity with best wishes. Students participated with intense zeal and vigour. The day witnessed with the events such as:

Speakathon: “Rise above the Rest”. A competition to find the best Orator at Pallotti. The event was coordinated by Sagar Dewale,III year CE, Student Coordinator.

Cracken: “The more you clock the less you unlock”. Legacy event where you need to have Google in your pocket and all your senses in the right place. The event was coordinated by  Minay Talathi, III year CE, Student Coordinator.

Talk@Pallotti: “Not just words beyond them”. The newest event in Infinity series, where professional speakers like Azeem Khan (CEO & Founder of The Tie Up) and Farheen Khan(Founder of Unschooled Artist) who shared their success stories and provided  guidance on industry and entrepreneurship to the audience. The event was coordinated by Uttirna Rao, III year CE, Student Coordinator.

Pixar: “Capturing life creating Art”. This workshop focused on editing photos and video animation. The event was coordinated by Kshitiz Barapatre, III year CE ,Student Coordinator.

Webster:Be a Web Master”. The event taught the participants web development. The event was coordinated by Nayan Agrawal, III year CE, Student Coordinator.

With the participant count of 300+students, day one entertained everyone.

September 29 began with the other events and workshops as follows:-

int Elligence: The intelligent way to  C programming’, a coding event. The event was coordinated by Kshitiz Barapatre, III year CE, Student Coordinator.

Caesar’s Palace: Where luck meets money’. It was a fun task based event along with a feel of casino. The event was coordinated by Abhishek Madankar and Kanishka Nema, III year CE, Student Coordinator.

Cyber Surge: Don’t Hate the Hacker Hate the Code’, was an ethical hacking workshop telling students how to keep themselves vaccinated in this world full of viruses. The event was coordinated by Akshay Parmar, III year CE, Student Coordinator.

Director adressing gathering Dr V.B. Kute welcoming Principal sir Student coordinator interaction with Director


The Computer Engineering Department at St. Vincent Pallotti College of Engineering & Technology, Nagpur, organized an Expert lecture on “Dynamic Data Structures” on 22nd September 2018, Saturday, at BF-11 classroom for 2nd and 3rd Year students.

The Expert was Mr. Geo Mathew, Head of Computer Dept, Mount Saint Mary’s School, new Delhi, Cantt.

Prof. M.B. Gudadhe welcomed Mr. Mathew in the department. Mathew Sir started his session with an Introduction to the Classification of Data Structures. He explained the concepts of popular data structures like stacks, queues, map etc. Sir continued the lecture with the concepts of static and dynamic data structures. He further emphasized the concepts on memory allocation methods, self referential structures, stack implementation, queue structures and its related operations.

The session ended with an interaction  with the students and was appreciated by all. The expert lecture was arranged by Prof. R. C. Roychaudhary under CSI activity.

from Left to Right- Prof. S.M.Wanjari, Prof. Geo Mathew and Prof. M. B. Gudadhe in CE Dept Mr. mathew delivering the session

Student-Alumni Connect

The Department of Computer Engineering had organized a Nagpur Alumni meet on 15th September 2018, with the objective of strengthening student-alumni connect.

The alumni interacted with students sharing their work experience, the importance of personal grooming and the relevance of Business Ethics in one’s profession. They further shared with faculty members the importance of including industry related problem statements in students assignments, how the internship process had helped them grow and its impact on their present day working. At the end they drew students attention towards being updated on recent technologies.

Alumni Meet (CE)1 Alumni Meet (CE)2

Workshop on Oracle and PL/SQL

Mr. Prashant Munshi, from ETRIX Data Solutions was invited by the Department of Computer Engineering, to facilitate a three days workshop on ‘Oracle and PL/SQL’ for their students. 

Here they were explained in detail about the fundamentals of SQL Operations, Object Relational Database Management System and its scope. Mr. Munshi also elaborated to them the importance of ACID property, an essential in insuring the integrity of data, the heart of any System in an organization.

The workshop was organized with the objective of enhancing students knowledge in Database Management System.

Oracle workshop-2

Internship Achievement through INTERNSHALA

The Computer Engineering Department congratulates their Final Year student Ms. Ashwini Bansod, for her outstanding performance during the Business Development Internship Program at Mediklik Webhealth Pvt. Ltd. Raipur.

Ashwini was mentored and guided by Prof. Reema Roychaudhary, Faculty & III-C Coordinator  and Mr. Amit Bhattacharya, Chief Marketing Officer, Mediklik Webhealth Pvt. Ltd. The Internship was done through Internshala during her summer vacation.



Department of CE on the 7th April, 2018, organized a Parents-teacher interactive session. The interaction began at 9.30 am, where as many as 50 parents, along with their children belonging to different semesters, turned up.

The parents had to register at the registration desk from where they were escorted to BF- 09 for a short interactive session between teachers and parents.  The meet gave an insight to the parents of their child’s performance along with knowledge about the working of Computer Engineers in the Industry. The parents teachers interaction was thus a huge success in terms of giving the right guidelines to students and their parents.

The event was coordinated by Mrs. P. M. Wankhede & Ms. Komal S. Jaisinghani (Departmental PTI Coordinators) and team. Efforts of the organising team were applauded.