Use of Fire Extinguisher – Mock Drill

As a safety measure, students were given a demonstration on how to handle a Fire Extinguisher and precautions to be taken when using it. This drill was planned and conducted to make sure of various measures to be taken during fire hazards. Mr. Kishore Bonde from Anjani Enterprises demonstrated the same to student volunteers.

NSS celebrates ‘International Women Day’

International Women Day (March 8), is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity.
The intention of celebrating this day is to revive within people the feeling of being thankful and acknowledging the contribution women have made all over the world, inspiring many and planting a seed of hope in all those trying to make a mark in this world in spite of facing various challenges.
This time, the day was celebrated by honouring lady housekeeping staff of our college, distributing a Health & Sanitation Kit to them, with the aim of inculcating Hygiene and Safety. Dr. (Mrs.) J. P. Rothe, Professor, EED gifted them each a kit.
The event was coordinated by Prof. P. M. Tarwatkar (NSS Program Officer) & Dr. (Mrs.) Ashlesha Nagpure .
Come, lets applaud women who make a remarkable difference at home and in society!

‘Donate Blood – Promote Humanity’

150 plus generous donors, voluntarily donated their blood on March 09th & 16th 2019, at the Blood Donation Camp organized by the NSS unit of our college in association with Rainbow Blood & Component Bank, Nagpur.

Prof. Prafull Tarwatkar, NSS Program Officer, Prof. Anthony Augustine and Prof. Ashlesha Nagpure were conveners of the camp along with Department Faculty Coordinators Prof. Kanchan Wagh, Prof. Prajakta Bodakhe & Prof. Priya Parkhi. Student coordinators and NSS volunteers worked diligently, making the event a success.

Observing Digvijay Divas

September 11, 1893, was a day on which Swami Vivekananda gave the world famous speech at Chicago in the Parliament of World Religions. This day is celebrated as Digvijay Divas because he conquered the world with his spirituality in practice and that too at a time when India was not yet independent.

It was for the very first time that the message of ‘Universal Brotherhood’ and its proper understanding was given to the western world. Observing this day in our college were the NSS Unit of the Electrical Engineering Dept., along with students and faculty members. The full speech as given by Swami Vivekananda on that great day too was read out. Prof. Prafull Tarwatkar, NSS Program Officer coordinated this activity.

Digvijay Divas1 Digvijay Divas2 Digvijay Divas3


The Mechanical Engineering Department´s annual technical event Mechmerise 2K18 had NSS student volunteers of the Department plan out an intra-collegiate poster competition titled VITRINE, on 14th September 2018.

Theme of the event was all forms of ¨Hobby Art Collection¨. Judging the event were, Prof.

Kanchan Wagh (NSS Area Coordinator), Dr. Ashlesha Nagpure College (Sports Incharge) and Prof. Prafulla Tarwatkar (NSS Program Officer).

The first position was bagged by Mr. Aditya Meshram, 4th year Electrical Engineering, 2nd by Jayesh Ambarte, 4th Year Mechanical Engineering and 3rd prize went to Ramakant Bowgpalli, 1st Year Civil Engineering.

Winners were felicitated by the judges, Dr. Pramod Lanjewar, HOD, Department Coordinators Prof. Anthony Augustine and Prof. Pramod Borle. A total of 36 entries were received for the event. NSS student coordinators Mr. Sourabh Umate, Mr. Shubham Agarkar and Ms. Priyanka Mishra worked behind the scene making the event a successful one.

Vitrine1 Vitrine2

NSS Unit visits ¨Jeevoday¨

The Institute NSS Unit visited ¨Jeevoday College of Special Education¨, Sadar, Nagpur. These enthusiastic volunteers conducted a number of activities such as drawing competition, singing, dancing and games, leaving everyone thoroughly overjoyed. This was followed by prize distribution for the activites held. Also additional prizes were distributed like Mr. Smartest, Ms. Beautiful Eyes, Best Dancer and chocolates given to all. The NSS volunteers seized a wonderful opportunity of  spreading love and happiness.

Jeevoday1 Jeevoday2

The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn

¨Trees have long been a subject of interest and a topic of discussion – and it’s no wonder; they represent life, growth, peace, and nature¨.

As an initiative under Swachhta Pakhwada, Department of Electrical Engineering coordinated a Tree plantation drive under the aegis of NSS on August 10, 2018. NSS student volunteers from the Department of  Basic Sciences & Humanities, Electrical & Mechanical Engg. were present for the program.

Faculty Coordinators Prof. A. Augustine, Prof. P. Borle from the ME Dept., and Dr. A. Nagpure, BS&H Dept., accompanied them. Prof. Prafull Tarwatkar, NSS Program Officer, coordinated this activity.

Tree1 Tree2

Expert session on Awareness of Adolescence Issues

NSS students and Faculty members of the College organized a session for girl students on ‘Personal Hygiene & Cleanliness’ by Dr. Kishori. N. Nisal on 10 August, 2018.

Dr. Nisal has 24 years of experience as a Gynecologic and owns maternity hospital ‘Utkarsh’, at Nagpur.

The session was held at Block B, 2nd Floor – ETC Auditorium, from 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm.

Topics such as Acne, Menstruation, Diet, Vaccination and Hygiene were covered. Students and faculty members clarified their doubts. The session was interactive and students appreciated the initiative taken by the NSS team for organizing this event.


”Keep it Clean ……. Keep it Green”

The NSS unit of our College lead students and faculty members to observe Swachhta Pakhwada from 01 – 15th August, 2018. Students took the Swachhta Pledge along with faculty coordinators and volunteers from various Departments.

A session on maintaining personal hygiene and cleanliness was also taken for the students by a Doctor. Prof. P. M. Tarwatkar, NSS Program Officer, Prof. A. Augustine, Prof. P. Borle, Prof. K. Wagh, Prof. N. Singh, Prof. H. Shingane, Dr. A. Nagpure jointly collaborated towards the successful conduction of this program.


Visit to Matoshri Mainbai School

Delivering a session on ‘Carreer Guidance and Latest Trends in IT’ for standard X students of Matoshri Mainabai High School, Joshiwadi, Nagpur, were the NSS team members of our College. These vibrant bunch of volunteers both faculty and students visited the school on 28th July 2018.

The team also distributed educational and career charts, chocolates and pens. Student  participants of the school appreciated the interactive session.