Technex’19- A Technical Competition

Technex’19, a 2-day Annual National Level Technical Fest ranked 9th in Central India by Campus Diary, was held on the 24th & 25th of January 2019.

On Day 1, The Chief Guest of the inaugural program was Mr. Jayant Mukherjee, Lead PLM CC and Enterprise Architecture-Boeing. Also present were Mr. Ranjit Singh (Guest of Honour), Fr. Dr. Paul (Director), Fr. Anto (Asst. Director), Fr. Siju (Financial Administrator), Fr. Dantees (Head, HR), Dr. S. Gole (Principal) and Prof. R. B. Gowardhan (Vice-Principal). In his address Mr. Jayant Mukherjee emphasized the importance of technology and taking these technologies to a higher level, further applauding the effort of the Institute.

Thereafter, Mr. Jayant Mukherjee and Mr. Ranjit Singh inaugurated the events, spent some time trying their hand at operating various bots at events like Overdrive, Cranebot, Castle Dash, Electramaze and Amphibot. At the non-technical events – Gate Walk, Moriarty’s Quest and M’Xplore, they interacted with student coordinators. They showed keen interest in interacting with the team coding events- Appathon and The Gaming Saga.

On Day 2, finalists of various events played with grit and zest, each desiring to emerge as the winner.  Certificates were distributed to winners during the Valedictory function, attended by the Management, HODs, Faculty Members, participants and students.

This year Technex had 6 workshop-based events, 4 non-workshop-based events and 2 pre-Technex events. About 445 groups participated. Technex had conducted 5 different workshops which saw about 290 students participating, having a tie up with agencies like Eduquies Technologies and Entrench Electronics.

More than 1000 students participating in various events, some of the colleges that competed are:

  1. CIT Coimbatore
  2. AMSCE, Chennai
  3. SCOE, Pune
  4. COEM, Pune
  5. SSGBCOET, Bhusawal
  6. CSIT, Durg
  7. KTHM, Nasik
  8. T. Mahajan Poly, Faizpur
  9. PRMIT, Badnera

In all, over 30 colleges from the different states of India participated in Technex’18.

Additions to this year’s events were “Pre-Technex Events”- Over the Ridge and Ethnos MUN Conference. Where ‘Over The Ridge’ was a workshop on Photography and ‘Ethnos MUN Conference’ was the first initiative in our college for Model United Nations.

Technex 2019 was coordinated by Prof. M. Saifullah Khan (Technex Coordinator), Prof. Manish Bhadke (Sponsorship Head), Prof. Madhura Kulkarni (Hospitality Head), Prof. Namrata Gore (Inaugural, Valedictory and Registration Head), Prof. Atul Saxena (Publicity and Promotion Head), Prof. Priya Parkhi & Prof. Praveen Sen (Website Heads), Prof. V. Sontake (Media Head), Ms. Sudha Rao (Student Coordinator), Mr. Pranao Itankar (Student Coordinator Mentor),  Ms. Uttirna Rao (Student Co-Coordinator) and Mr. Gaurav Chaudhari (Student Co-Coordinator Co-Mentor).

Amphibot : Above all the terrains. This event is to check your imagination, racing with churning wheels and puffing engines to overcome any challenging barrier whatever the environment is.

Registration: 20 teams


Appathon: Code overnight to develop it right. An overnight application development contest in which the application can be of any platform- Android or iOS. The opportunity is to creat an app with a robust interface which will impress one and all.

Registration: 20 teams


Castle Dash: Race your Wit, to chase the fun. The event where doors are automated and you are supposed to make your bot to tackle the barrier, unlock the castle and win the cash.

Registration: 35 teams


Cranebot : Pick and place to win the race. The legacy event in which the bot also works as a crane.  It’s about making the bot pick up the obstacles and win the race.

Registration: 32 teams


Overdrive: Race with the best or run with the rest. “More speed, more power with minimum time and perfection.” The event awaits for a manually designed controlled ROBOT that has capacity to cover maximum distance in shortest possible time, challenge the hurdles and become of the best opponents.

Registration: 40 teams


Electramaze: It is the event in which two robots will compete with each other to get to the final round. In the qualifying rounds, the robot has to pick up a ball from one point and reach destination in minimum possible time.

Registration: 20 teams


Gaming Saga: Code your own battleground. It is a workshop and competition based event. The participating team has to develop a game that has good features, quality, uniqueness and runs smoothly. Also where challenge is to be the best.

Registration: 12 teams


Moriarty’s Quest: Unlock the Sherlock in You. Join the quest of uncovering the deep mysteries using the traces that were left behind by the brilliant mastermind Jim Moriarty by solving various puzzles and performing breath-taking tasks.

Registration: 40 teams


M’Explore: Where knowledge overtakes possibilities. “The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled.” This is an event where knowledge is the king whose empire can be defeated by possibilities, skills or fun.

Registration: 42 teams


Ethnos MUN Conference: The event was held on 11th and 12th January as a pre-technex event. Model United Nations Conference was an educational simulation in which students learnt about diplomacy, international relations, debating in addition to critical thinking, teamwork and, leadership qualities.

Registration: 105 participants


Gatewalk: Gate walk is GATE based online exam. It will be conducted in association with The Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers. It is a platform to get acquainted with today’s competitive world for GATE and other Public service exams.

Registration: 90 participants.

Over the Ridge: A good photograph is the one that communicates a fact. Over the Ridge was a pre-technex workshop which let photography grow not only as a hobby but also as a profession. It was an attempt to provide correct guidelines to every single person who loved to capture and wanted to learn.

Registration: 25 participants

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