The Computer Engineering Department at SVPCET heartily congratulates all the 8th Semester toppers for excelling in the University exam.

The faculty members acknowledge and appreciate the students on this accomplishment, for the sincerity, diligence and focus they maintained throughout.

The College 8th Sem toppers are:

ABHIJIT MAHANKAL:     83.23% (Ist Rank)
RENU NARSHETTIWAR: 81.07% (2nd Rank)
ABHIJEET JUNEJA:          79.07% (3rd Rank)
ADITYA LALWANI:           78.76% (4th Rank)
MADHAV SOMANI:            78.00% (5th Rank)

The Department once again showers them with accolades and congratulates all the 8th sem students and faculty members for setting new standards.

Congratulations to the 8th Sem IT students(2016-17) for 100% Results at RTMNU Exam

It is our immense pleasure to proclaim 100% result of 8th Sem IT students (2016-17).

The students have continued to maintain the legacy of giving 100% results for four consecutive years (2014,2015,2016 &2017).

The toppers who have added on to the 100% results are: Mayuri Talhar(80.30%),Anuja Pusadekar (80%), Smruti Ganvir (78.76), Prachi Pandit (78%) & Mayuri Bawankule (77.69).

Orientation Program for 3rd Sem IT Students

The IT Department had organized an Orientation Program for the 3rd Sem students from the 19th to 21st of June, 2017  for the third semester students. The main objective of the program was to increase students knowledge and awareness of their own Department.

On the first day students were welcomed and best wishes were extended for a productive year ahead.  The IT faculty members introduced themselves, later explaining Vision & Mission statement of the Department, Tech Pallottine Values and future activities that would be held in the Department.
Industrial experts, Mr. Ram Ghodmode, Mr. Harish Chopkar and Mr. Namak Praani from Webgurukul highlighted prevailing IT domains, trends and numerous courses a student could opt for post B.E. studies.

Mr. Sushil Dhote (alumni), passionately shared his journey of growth while a student and how the Department strengthened his foundation subjects. Thereafter, Mr. Nikhil Paunikar, also an alumni of the college explained how students could apply for colleges abroad and the need to widen one’s horizon. Finally on the last day, yet another alumni Mr. Siddhesh Dixit, shared his experience on how to become  a successfull entrepreneur and create a mark for oneself through one’s contribution to society.

Students enthusiastically participated in the interactive session with the alumni and gave a positive feedback of the Orientation Program.

Orientation Prog 3rd sem (IT) 171 Orientation Prog 3rd sem (IT) 172

IT Dept organizes Orientation Program for Students

The IT Department of St. Vincent Pallotti College of Engineering & Technology  organized a 2  day Orientation Program for the 5th semester students, on the 19th & 20th of June, 2017 at the B Block auditorium of the College.

The program began with a warm welcome being extended to all the students post their summer vacation. Prof. Manoj Bramhe, HOD, addressed students and cohesively encouraged them to be proactive in imbibing the Vision and Mission of the Department.

Students were reminded to be true to Tech Pallottine values and discipline required of them. They were also encouraged to participate in different activities held in the Department, which would benefit them in their overall growth.

On the second day Mr. Nilesh Sahare, was invited as Industrial Expert to share his understanding on the ‘Project Development Process’, helping them in the long run to overcome future challenges in their project work. Later, Mr. Hari Menon from TCS, briefed students about different competitions the company would hold for students, this would be a stepping stone for outstanding students to be interviewed and get placed in the company.

The session concluded with an open discussion between the experts and students.

Orientation Program Report (IT) 172 Orientation Program Report (IT) 171

Induction Program on Career Guidance

An induction program on Career Guidance was conducted for the fifth semester Mechanical Engineering students from the 20th to 22nd June, 2017.

Six sessions in all were conducted on topics ranging from opportunities after Mechanical Engineering, Resume Writing, GATE examination, Higher Studies from Foreign Universities to Personality Development and Communication Skills. Orientation of students on Library Resources, R&D activities and NBA was also included in the induction program.

Eminent experts from industries and educational institutes were invited to facilitate the sessions.

Induction prog for 5th Sem (ME) 171 Induction prog for 5th Sem (ME) 172 Induction prog for 5th Sem (ME) 173 Induction prog for 5th Sem (ME) 174

Induction prog for 5th Sem (ME) 175 Induction prog for 5th Sem (ME) 176

Induction Program for 3rd Sem M.E. Students

An induction program was organized for the 3rd semester Mechanical Engineering students on the 19th & 20th of June 2017, at the Block A Auditorium. Various in house and guest speakers were invited to enrich the students on varied topics.

Prof. A. D. Pachchhao, HOD, heartily welcomed the students to the Department, discussing the importance of Mechanical Engineering and process of actualizing dreams and goals. The qualitative and quantitative expectations of students were also discussed. Prof. R. N. Chakraborty explained the student policy and discipline aspects expected from students. Dr. A.R. Bhende highlighted the importance of library in any educational institute, rapid progress from hard bound contents to digital resources and need to explore the OPAC library system. Prof. P. B. Lanjewar presented the complete process of NBA evaluation of an educational Institute. Prof. M.K. Bhadke and Prof. V. C. Sontake spoke about Student-Class Counsellor interaction and its importance, role of CR and maintaining a positive individual and class impression. Other faculty members threw light on their area of expertise, interest and guidance beyond academics. Faculty members responsible of various student platforms like ISTE, SAE, REC, IEDC, IIIC & Automation club, Dept wall magazine and NSS explained its importance and objectives.

Rowena Phillips, Principal consultant Trainer & Director- Dominion Philips Education Pvt. Ltd., Nagpur was invited as guest speaker, stressing on the aspects of personality development and importance of communication skills in the professional field. She focused on facilitating learning and development in performance management, behavioral change, leadership development and developing emotional intelligence.  Mrs. Phillips also expressed the significance of honesty, manners, attitude and body language in overall development of personality. She interacted with students asking their goal in life

Students were grateful to their Department for organizing an informative and knowledgeable induction program for them.

Induction for 3rd Sem (ME) 171 Induction for 3rd Sem (ME) 172


Sr. No. Name of Student SGPA College Rank








Yoga for Harmony & Peace

The 3rd International Yoga Day was celebrated with full enthusiasm on June 21, 2017, at Yashwant Stadium Nagpur. The event was jointly organized by Janardan Swami Yogabhyasi Mandal, Art of Living, Maitri Privar Santha, Sahajyog Dhyan Kendra and NMC Nagpur.

Team members of Janardan Swami Yogabhyasi Mandal performed Yogasanas before the attendees. Hon. Transport Minister, Govt. Of India, Shri Nitinji Gadkari; Dr. Vikas Mahatme, Guardian Minister of Nagpur, Shri. Chandrashekharji Bawankule & Smt. Nanda Jichkar, Mayor, NMC Nagpur along with other dignitaries performed Yogasanas.

Faculty Co-ordinators Prof. Ashlesha Nagpure and Prof. P. Bodakhe along with NSS student volunteers actively involved themselves in celebrating this day.

Yoga 171

Orientation Program

The CE Department of SVPCET commenced the new academic session with a warm welcome to their 2nd year students. An orientation program was held on 19th June 2017, Block B 2nd  floor Seminar Hall, so as to energize these future technocrats in realizing their capabilities and be well prepared to address the challenges in the world of Computer Engineering, providing strong academics and a wide industry exposure.

Dr. Vivek Kute (HOD CE) accentuated on academic aspects of the course, rules and regulations of the Department. He further stressed the importance of being dedicated to one’s profession and the need of proper planning prior to taking up responsibilities for any project. He said the CE Department at SVPCET, covers a wide range of subjects, indepth and sound study of both software and hardware systems.

Prof. Manish Gudadhe (Academic Coordinator) stressed on the academic section; where well qualified and highly committed faculty focus on the overall development of students. In his brief address Prof. Dipak W. Wajgi (Holistic Coordinator) optimistically motivated students saying, each of them is different and would learn uniquely in their own way but most importantly they must believe in themselves and never give up.

Prof. Abhishek Pathak (CSI Coordinatorr) focused on explaining about CSI (Computer Society of India) the first and largest body of computer professionals in India that encourage and assist professionals to maintain integrity, competence of the profession and certify activities, all the same stirring them to be actively involved in CSI.

The next faculty to speak was Prof. Vaibhav Deshpande (T & P Coordinator), threw light on  industry and professional ethics to increase technical competency and keep oneself updated with current technological developments as per industry requirements.

Emphatically speaking was Prof. Reema Roy Chaudhary (Industry Interaction Incharge)  who stated, ”Interaction means gaining an experience from an experience, allowing oneself to learn and develop’. She further commented that industry interaction shall lead to placements only if students have the determination and desire to be hardworking.

Prof. Sunil Wanjari (Research and Development Cell Coordinator) assertively said there’s a growing need of modernizing technological inputs so as to enable students learn in the most productive way. He said mentoring students and promoting a research oriented culture in the Department, giving a hands on training in the most advanced areas in programming and software development stands most relevant as of today.

The Orientation program systematically lead the students through a journey of what is expected of them, they being equally or even more diligent and passionate as they specialize in their course of engineering.

Orientation CE17 Orientation CE171 Orientation CE172 Orientation CE173

Orientation Program for 2nd & 3rd Year Electrical Engg. Students

An Orientation program for the 2nd and 3rd year Electrical Engineering students was organized by their Department on the 20th & 21st of June, 2017. Dr. (Mrs.) J. P. Rothe (HOD) elucidated the importance of Outcome Based Education, NBA Process and shed light on Departmental Academic Planning for the session 2017-18.

Industry experts Ms. Shweta Mathew, CEO SIMI Electronics Nagpur; Mr. Deepesh Shrivastava, General Manager, Bajaj Steel, Nagpur & Mr. S. S. Kale, Superintendent Engineer, LDC, Nagpur were invited to share their knowledge, experience and interact with students on relevant topics such as- Industry Expectations, Soft Skill Development, Industry Automation, Current Trends & Scenario in Electrical Engineering.

Students were full-on in the learing mode and indeed benefitted from this program, as an  add-on they also got to interact with these industry experts and be more convicted in their  understanding.

Students were also briefed about various cells in the Department and Institute by the respective Department Faculty Coordinators and further guided on the process of Technical Paper Writing and Patent Filing. Prof. Prafull M. Tarwatkar was the Program Coordinator.

Orientation EE171 Orientation EE172 Orientation EE173 Orientation EE174